County Academy Programme

This programme is aimed at boys and girls aged 8 to 17, who have talent and an interest for the game of golf but WHO ARE NOT PART OF THE PRESENT SURREY COUNTY ACADEMY PROGRAMME OR WHO HAVE YET TO JOIN A GOLF CLUB.

This is a yearly process, with the programme seeing a change in 2012. The Surrey Golf Partnership will kick off the process in August by inviting Junior Organisers of golf clubs based in Surrey to submit recommendations of juniors they feel show talent / promise for the game of golf (and who are not currently involved with the Surrey County Academy Programme). Certain criteria will be pre-defined i.e. age, handicap although exceptions to this criteria MAY be accepted.

The Surrey Coaches currently involved with the Surrey County Academy Programme have / will attend several of the Rookie Tour and YIG's events that are held throughout the year with a view to identifying boys & girls who display a talent and enthusiasm for the game in a natural golfing environment.  This process replaces the one off Talent Assessment Days that have been held in the past.

Following these days and recommendations from clubs, selected boys and girls will be invited to move on to, and / or to remain in the Surrey County Academy Programme.  These will be held through Surrey at County Academy Training Academies to provide the necessary coaching support to enable the young golfers to attain their full potential and to ultimately have the opportunity to progress to the county junior squads.

If your son or daughter is interested in playing in either the Rookie Tour or YIG's events (both run by the Surrey County Golf Union), please click on the attached links:'s+(Young+Improvers+Group)+Rookie+Tour

The Surrey County Academy Programme has been made possible by funding from Sport England through the England Golf Partnership National Training Initiative. The Rookie Tour events have been made possible by the work of Steve McNeill and his team along with being funded by the Surrey County Golf Union and Nike.


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The Surrey Golf Partnership comprises of the Surrey County Golf Union, Surrey Ladies County Golf Association, Surrey Professional Golfers Association, and is supported by the England Golf Partnership, the Golf Foundation and Sport England.
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